Here is what patients are saying about us!

“From every imaginable aspect, from timeliness to comfort to a sense of perfect judgment and artistry of the specialist, Dr. Shomali is your go-to surgeon for endodontology.”


Dear Dr. Shomali and Team:
Thank you so much for taking such great care of me. I was very anxious about my procedure. Your patience and kindness is very much appreciated. You and the team are the best!


Dear Dr. Shomali,

Just wanted to thank you for all your help with my recent root canal.  It was a great, all-around experience – the early consult with the conservative waiting period, the quick re-appointment and the excellent work on my tooth.  I’ve had no pain, whatsoever.  I really felt hear through this.

Best Regards,


Dr. Shomali and staff,

Thank you so much for being so caring when I was on my worst.  Your kindness helped me get through that difficult week of agonizing pain due to the infection on my tooth.

Thank you so much for calling and checking on me =]

Sincerely L.E.F.

Dear Dr. Shomali,

    Thank you for your excellent care during my recent episode with #31 and its complicated 2-part root canal.  You were wonderful, gentle, efficient, effective, and I appreciated the follow-up calls I received from your office. In my case, I experienced post ‘surgical’ pain, but the anti-biotic you called in for me did the trick. Now the hole has been filled by my dentist, and my normal bite has returned. I am very grateful.

Best continued wishes for you and your business,

V. S.

P.S Thanks for the $10 refund check from the accidental overpayment on my part.

 Dear Dr. Shomali,

     I want to thank you for your kind gesture last month on May 9th when you examined my #2 tooth and did not charge me for the visit.  Dr. K pulled the tooth on May 24th. Thank you again for being you.

Yours truly,

M. C.

 Dear Dr. Shomali, 

     I came to your office last week with a potential situation that was very worrisome to me.  You analyzed my issue, took x-rays, explained it all so well to me, and you were incredibly generous with your time.  Not only that, but you followed up with my dentist and called me back so timely to report back on the result of that conversation.  I can’t tell you how grateful and impressed I am for the thorough examination and positive news that resulted for me. I am one appreciative patient and I THANK YOU!

M. F.

Because of all the horror stories I heard regarding root canals, I was very nervous the first time I went to see Dr. Shomali, but my experience   was so surprisingly pleasant. Dr. Shomali explained very carefully what the procedure consisted of, she answered all my questions thoroughly and made me feel  at ease. At the end I could not believe that the procedure was completely pain free.

Dr. Shomali called me that evening to make sure that everything was going well and I assured her that the all experience had been so pleasant that I could do it all over again in the morning without any hesitation.

I have been back twice since then, and I can’t say enough about her expertise and professionalism.


I have visited Dr. Shomali on three occasions over the past couple of years for root canal procedures.  Despite the problem at hand, it was always a pleasure to visit with her and her staff.  I know I was in good hands and would be well taken care of.  I was always impressed with her professional and friendly chair-side manner, and how careful she was to make sure I was not feeling any discomfort or pain during the procedure.  Clearly she is an expert,  and she works methodically to perform the work to her high standards.  My regular dentist is always complimentary of her work.   My last visit in June was driven by a rapidly approaching toothache that unfortunately coincided with a weekend away in Montreal, CA.   After speaking with her answering service on Sunday, I was very impressed that Dr. Shomali called me back almost immediately to get an overview of the situation for herself, see that I was OK, and to see if she could do anything to help.  The staff must have worked scheduling miracles to ensure I could be in the chair for the first appointment on Monday morning.   So thanks to them as well.  I can’t say I’m looking forward to the next root canal, but when the time comes I won’t be worried about it at all!                                                                              


 Dear Dr. Shomali, 

     Many thanks for your personal attention during my root canal therapy.  Your constant monitoring and kindness was greatly appreciated.  Your dental and office assistants were more than helpful.



I came to Dr. Shomali for the first time from a referral.  My experience with Dr. Shomali was fantastic!  She was extremely thorough in explaining the procedure, as well as gentle in making a tough process seem easy.  I was never uncomfortable and that is not an easy feat with at any dentist!

The follow up calls made my day and thought it was a very special touch because you knew they actually did care.

Thanks for the positive experience!


Over the past couple months, I have had to visit Dr. Shomali’s office several times due to a problem I had with a cracked tooth. After communicating with my dentist, Dr. Shomali agreed to try crowning the cracked tooth first to see if that would resolve the problem in attempt to save the tooth from a root canal procedure. However, the pain I was experiencing became more frequent and more painful with the temporary crown. As a result, Dr. Shomali performed a root canal and my tooth has been painless since the procedure. Dr. Shomali saw me several times during this process to x-ray, test, and evaluate the tooth on an ongoing basis. She was extremely generous with her time and communicated with me via email to check on the status of my tooth. I’ve been a patient of this practice for approximately 15 years and I have had nothing but great experiences. I would highly recommend Dr. Shomali!

Dear Dr. Shomali,

Please know of my sincere appreciation for your kindness and care during my recent dental procedure.  I know I will always receive excellent care in your office with you, your dental assistants, and Debbie in the front office.

As I am sure you are aware, a root canal is not a pleasurable experience, but you certainly make it bearable with your personal attention, explanation of details, and omission of pain during the many office visits.  Knowing my history and making sure I received antibiotics for the “after” pain was more than helpful.  Also, I was very impressed with the many follow up calls to make sure all is well.

I am extremely grateful to be able to call you my Endodontist.




Dear Dr., Shomali, Dee and Rachel,

Thank you for today – after all the horror stories I had heard about root canals, this was an incredible surprise! The anesthesia worked perfectly and was 100% painless in the administration (Brava, Dr. Shomali!). I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I am very grateful to my dentist for her recommendation of your office – all three of you were so very kind and compassionate.

Dr. Shomali – you did an amazing job and I cannot thank you enough. Your explanations of everything were perfect. Your post-root canal medication plan worked perfectly.

It was a pleasure to meet all of you and I look forward to seeing you in six months for my follow-up visit. I will always recommend your office when friends or colleagues need endodontic services.

Thank you so much!



Thanks to everyone who provided me with recommendations to a caring endodontist for my teenage daughter who has extreme dental anxiety. We consulted a few and went with one who many of you suggested, Dr. Shomali. She was FANTASTIC with my daughter and even prescribed specific medication that none of the other doctors that we consulted with even suggested. She has Crohn’s and can’t take ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin etc.) but Dr. Shomali immediately suggested & prescribed medication to prevent inflammation during our consultation and also called to check on her progress two days after her procedure.


Thankful to all of you! ❤️

Dear Dr. Shomali and staff,

I just wanted to thank you so much for making time for me last Thursday to do my root canal. It was so nice to have a weekend of No Tooth Pain. Your staff is very nice and accommodating. Please give my special thanks to Dee & Rachel. You and Dr. Cardenas are amazing people… Thanks again!


Dear Dr. Shomali & Dee,

Thank you for one of the best dental experiences I’ve ever had. Everyone in your office was so kind and caring. There should be more of that in this world. No pain, no swelling, no problem.

In appreciation,


I would highly recommend Dr. Maryam Shomali to everyone!!

I was in a lot of pain one morning, and my general dentist was completely apathetic…so I reached out to Wellesley Endodontics. They created an appointment and saw me within hours, quickly diagnosing the issue and immediately putting me on antibiotics. Unfortunately the problem was ultimately due to an old root canal (not done by her) which ended up requiring extraction…so Dr. Maryam Shomali took it upon herself to book an appointment with an Oral Surgeon on my behalf (understanding the level of pain I was experiencing). She went above and beyond to address my needs expediently, provide immediate care, and ensure my issue was completely resolved (even though that aspect could not be performed by her practice). People tend to downplay tooth pain, but this agony was among the worst I’ve experienced…and I am forever grateful Dr. Maryam Shomali helped resolve with such empathy and professionalism.


I was referred to Dr. Shomali from my wonderful dentist Dr. Russ. Root canals are no picnic but they had to be done. I had 3 of them done at Dr. Shomali’s office. Dr. Shomali and the office team were great. Dr. Shomali did a great job with my root canals and was extremely diligent to communicate with my Dentist making sure all present and future steps were clear. She was communicating with me every minute explaining what she was doing. Thank you Dr. Shomali and Dee (administrative assistant) for everything.


Dr. Shomali,

just a quick note to thank you and your lovely staff for taking such good care of me. You took the pain away, both physically & financially and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. Dee and Nuru are so warm and kind: they put me at ease right away.

Warm Regards,



I was seen as an emergency during this crazy and  unnerving time. I saw my regular dentist who sent me to Dr. Shomali for an urgent root canal. When I called the office, Dee was lovely. She was concerned about my pain and very kind. The directions she gave me to access the building were perfect.  Dr. Shomali called me herself to go over all my symptoms, etc. I was seen the very next day. Her assistant Nora (forgive me for the misspelling) was very soft-spoken and kind. The entire experience was great!  Not that anyone loves going to the dentist–but Dr. Shomali is wonderful. Her entire staff is wonderful!  Highly recommend!


I just had a root canal procedure done by Dr. Shomali. She was excellent – professional, highly skilled. The Dr. Went out of her way to diagnose what I needed and was thoughtful and caring in her interactions with me, above and beyond!


I was in extreme,unbearable pain from a necrotic tooth.The dentists here diagnosed my problem in 5 minutes what it took my regular dentist two years to figure out.They put me out of the pain I was in with a pulpectomy and gave me medications so I wouldn’t feel any after effects. I would highly recommend them.